After-School One-Day Tour of “Giant Panda Scientific Experience Camp” at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding


Recently, the After-School One-Day Tour of “Giant Panda Scientific Experience Camp” was carried out at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, with 40 students from primary schools in Chengdu urban area participating in this activity.
Activities included ‘Exploring Giant Pandas’, ‘A Small Game for Environment Protection’, ‘Giant Panda Knowledge Guess Competition’ and there was a specially arranged ‘Interactive Experience in Giant Panda Scientific Exploration Hall’.
The newly opened Giant Panda Scientific Exploration Hall integrates science, expertise and interaction and allows children to watch giant panda videos, experience multi-media interactive mini-games, know giant panda experts’ work and independently learn about giant pandas. These approaches can satisfy children's curiosity, and meanwhile teach them to cultivate their spirit of scientific research.
In the afternoon, under the guidance of science teachers on the Base, the children went into the Giant Panda Scientific Exploration Hall, listened to the teachers’ brief introduction and were allowed to explore freely. The children could not wait to start interacting! They stood in front of electronic sand tables provided by the Base, touching corresponding venue icons and observing giant pandas’ real-time monitoring screens; they sat in front of the touch screens and clicked according to the instructions to "take care" of pandas cubs and feed them, then entered into the giant panda speed marriage dating interface to look for partners for giant pandas. Next they wait for the birth of a lovely baby. They watched mini movie short films for giant pandas, forming a more comprehensive understanding of giant pandas and panda experts’ work. Additionally, some children chose their favorite giant panda postcards and sent electronic greetings to their friends.
At the end of this activity, children were still longing for more. They benefited a great deal through these joyful,learning experiences.

















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