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On March 3, 2021, after 18 months of intensive preparation and elaborate arrangements for the exhibits, the Chengdu Giant Panda Museum was opened to the public. Divided into seven exhibition areas, i.e., the Panda Prequel, The Recluse of the Bamboo Forest, Discovering the Giant Panda, Years in Danger, Conservation, Eco-home, and Create and Enjoy the Future, the Museum has a 3D movie theater and a dome-screen movie theater, and it is the world’s first panda-themed museum that has adopted interactive experience.

As a part of the opening ceremony, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding specially designed a series of science popularization activities with the theme of “Tips for Visiting the Chengdu Giant Panda Museum”. These activities were arranged across 12 rounds and inspired by 6 themes, i.e., the Special Lecture – The Giant Panda You Don’t Know, Popular Science Tour – Follow Teacher Xiao Chuan, Interactive Game – Panda Matched with Joy, Fixed Point Interpretation – Magic Panda, Interesting Visit – Explore the Museum, and Q&A – National Treasure Test. Visitors were guided to further experience the wonderful Chengdu Giant Panda Museum.

1.Special Lecture – The Giant Panda You Don’t Know

Thought up by professional popular science teachers from the Panda Base, the Giant Panda Popular Science Lecture utilized the exhibition environment of the Museum and used PowerPoint, videos, and environmental protection games to help the public understand the living habits, behavioral characteristics and current survival status of giant pandas. Meanwhile, the public was guided on how to efficiently use the special museum of the giant panda to further and more extensively explore giant pandas in terms of conservation, history, and culture.

2. Popular Science Tour – Follow Teacher Xiao Chuan

Guided by full-time popular science lecturers from the Panda Base, visitors toured the Museum while learning about popular science topics and the wonderful stories of giant panda conservation. They also interacted, exchanged, and shared with workers to find out more about the Museum.

3. Interactive Game – Panda Matched with Joy

Games were set up in the Museum that utilized its existing interactive experience facilities, so that visitors could obtain related popular science knowledge in interesting interactive games, a true embodiment of edutainment.

4. Fixed Point Interpretation – Magic Panda

In the exhibition hall of the Museum, a mobile interpretation station was available for popular science interpretation that interacted with visitors and relayed various subjects. This gave visitors access to more popular science knowledge about giant pandas.

5. Interesting Visit – Explore the Museum

The themed exploration cards were designed based on the main knowledge points of various exhibition halls in the Museum, and guided visitors to tour the Museum on their own. They could learn knowledge related to giant panda conservation and answer questions on the cards to obtain stamps to exchange for dedicated promotional articles about popular science and environmental protection.

6. Q&A – National Treasure Test

Online question banks and Q&A games were developed and set up based on panda knowledge, so that visitors could learn more about giant panda conservation while visiting the Museum.

The week-long popular science activities that were a part of the opening ceremony exposed to the public a few parts of the Museum. More secrets in the Museum are waiting for visitors to discover them.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that: “Museums are an important place to protect and pass on human civilization, and a bridge to connect the past, present, and future.” The Chengdu Giant Panda Museum is not only a platform for interactive experiences, exchanges, and exhibitions, but also a significant public-oriented carrier to popularize knowledge related to the current survival status of rare animals symbolized by giant pandas, and it is actively popularizing biodiversity conservation concepts and garnering environment conservation awareness.

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