Chengdu saw another Olympic panda!


According to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (hereinafter referred to as the panda base), a panda gave birth to a cub on Friday, the first day of the 32nd Summer Olympic Games, adding another new member to the Olympic family of the panda base.

On April 19, 2021, the female panda “Zhaomei” came into heat and, with the help of experts and keepers, successfully mated with the male panda “A’bao”. “Zhaomei” started to eat less on June 26. With the considerate care and arrangement of experts and keepers, “Zhaomei” broke her water at 20:03 on July 23 and gave birth to a female cub at 20:20, weighing 132 grams, safe and sound.

“Zhaomei”, a female panda rescued from the mountains of Zhaojue and Meigu counties in the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan in May 2014, gave birth to a male cub, named “Jinbao” on August 9, 2019, after five years of captivity in the panda base. This is the second time “Zhaomei” has become a mother, and we hope that the Olympic cub will bring good luck to the Chinese athletes who are playing hard in the Olympic Games to win honor for the country!

Up to now, the panda base has successfully bred a total of four litters and four cubs this year.

Additional information: The panda base has many members of the Olympic panda family, including “Bei Bei”, “Jing Jing”, “Huan Huan”, and male-female twins “Ying Ying” and “Ni Ni”. “Ying Ying” and “Ni Ni” were named after the catchword “Welcome to Beijing”, and also “Mao Mao” was the prototype of the mascot for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Also, the giant panda “Oreo”, born on the opening day of the London Olympics on July 28, 2012, is the panda base’s first cub of that year. Its name stands for beauty.



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