"Chinese Fad – Panda, Recluse of the Bamboo Forest" The First Panda Hanfu Travel Day


Recently, the First Panda Hanfu Travel Day, guided by Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (referred to as the panda base) and School of Overseas Education Sichuan University (referred to as the SUSOE) and sponsored by Huiwai Hanfu, came to a successful conclusion. "The most adorable Hanfu experience officers" such as Xiaomeng – Li Mengxi, Tingyue Zhanggui, Houyu Shan, and Song Song, along with 100 traditional Chinese costume lovers and representatives of international friends from the SUSOE, came to the panda base in Chinese costume and lost themselves in a mysterious journey of national treasure plus Chinese fad.
In 2020, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the State Council rolled out a key national policy - the revival of traditional culture across the board. China, the only country with ancient civilization that has no disruption culturally, is home to extensive cultural heritage sites. A history of 5,000 years has come forth a mind-whirring number of advanced cultures, while sui generis culture characterized each era. Our efforts to draw upon the essence of traditional culture, keep abreast with the times, constantly percolate traditional culture into the new trends of the new era have paid off in creating a new modern culture of our own, taking the initiative to integrate domestic and foreign and mass cultural needs, and creating a modern culture that meets the needs of the people.
The first cooperation between Hanfu and giant panda, the calling card of Chengdu, exemplified the young generation's inheritance and innovation of excellent traditional culture. The event was designed to explore ways in telling well Chinese stories, making Chinese voices heard, and promoting Chinese culture going global through the mix of panda and Hanfu.
At 14:00 on June 10, 2020, the First Panda Hanfu Travel Day was unveiled in the square of Exploration Hall at the panda base. The host of the event presented the four "most adorable Hanfu Experience Officers" to the audience and expressed a warm welcome to the Hanfu enthusiasts. During the ceremony, Tingyue Zhanggui, one of the "most adorable Hanfu Experience Officers", noted that "Chengdu is the not only first city of pandas but the first city of Hanfu, and the collision of the two cultures has shown us the young generation's inheritance and promotion of traditional culture".
After the ceremony, a legion of Hanfu celebrities and lovers clad in traditional Chinese costumes of different dynasties such as Tang, Ming and Song staged a grand "Hanfu Tour" in the bamboo forest of the panda base, with Tingyue Zhanggui and Xiaomeng-Li Mengxi as their champions. Afterwards, they entered the Panda International Art Center in batches and visited the "Sparkling Beasts Shine Bright" exhibition, where the two champions contributed their insights into the relevance of pandas, Chinese costumes, and poetry as Chinese cultural symbols with the Chinese costume lovers in the Black and White Ticking-off Hall. Also, they called on everyone to protect pandas and devote themselves to the conservation of ecological civilization and the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese culture.
This event was expected to express traditional Chinese culture in a globalized, regionalized, and sub-communication context through the blend of panda culture and Hanfu culture, to carry forward the excellent culture with Chinese characteristics, Chinese spirit, and Chinese wisdom, and to showcase it on the international stage.

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