The 2021 FUN Summer Vacation · Giant Panda DIY Studio Environmental Protection and Science Popularization Public Welfare Activities Were Successfully Held


 During the 2021 summer break, the FUN Summer Vacation • Giant Panda DIY Studio environmental protection and science popularization public welfare activities were successfully held by the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (hereinafter referred to as the Base). The activities included creative DIY, scenario board games, animal songs, and handmade works, attracted numerous participants who thoroughly enjoyed them thanks to the rich content, entertainment value, and participation level.


As some of the special science popularization activities that the Base prioritizes, the activities employed wildlife conservation, which is represented by giant pandas, to and set up various summer vacation theme scenes in the world’s first giant panda museum for participants, particularly teenage students, to give them a spark and curiosity to think, cultivate their practice abilities, establish a connection with nature, increase their awareness for conservation and environmental protection, and encourage them to be the first ones to act.


Activity 1: Jungle Exploration Adventure · Find the Way Home for the Giant Panda

Activity 2: Summer Break Party · Animal Puzzles

Activity 3: Music Feast · Sing the Song of the Elves

Activity 4: Striving to Protect the Cutest Giant Panda · We and Xiao Chuan Are Family






















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