12th Recruitment and Training of Science Popularization Volunteers of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding Concluded to Satisfactory Results


Beginning in September 2021, after nearly a month of selection, professional training, and comprehensive assessments, the 12th Recruitment and Training of Science Popularization Volunteers of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding has concluded to satisfactory results. A total of 45 volunteers passed their assessments to become science popularization volunteers, injecting new blood into publicizing the conservation education of the base and helping build an even stronger team.
The recruitment was conducted both online and offline. Online applications were initially used to choose the cream of the crop, and the remaining candidates were given telephone interviews. In the offline portion, the candidates were interviewed in person by seasoned volunteers of our base at the recruitment drives held in Tianfu College of SWUFE and Sichuan University Jiang’an Campus, which were organized by science popularization instructors of our base, as well as staff and volunteers from the two institutions, respectively. 

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On-site recruiting at the two institutions
From October 16 to 17, the recruited volunteers participated in the 12th inbound professional training seminar at the Panda Base. The two days of training were quite comprehensive, including proper introductions to the panda base and science popularization, the volunteer project, giant panda and red panda knowledge, museum interpretation training, volunteer interpretation demonstrations and role-playing. Those courses shed light on fundamental wildlife protection and biodiversity conservation knowledge as it pertained to the faces of protection and conservation: giant pandas and red pandas. In addition, volunteer representatives from previous seminars were invited to share their skills on interpretations and their experiences with the trainees. Plus, the volunteers visited the base under the supervision of their instructors, familiarizing themselves with where the venues are and where to segment their narration. Afterwards, they were assessed on their commentary and listened to the feedback and guidance from their instructors.
On-site training
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Previous volunteers sharing their experiences and giving a demonstration
As their training came to an end, written and oral tests were distributed to comprehensively assess the would-be volunteers. The oral portion included on-site narration and adaptability tests. The former focused on their abilities to deliver commentary and knowledge, while the latter simulated emergency scenarios and tested the new members’ ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances and their service quality.
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Trainees’ on-site interpretation trials (first red panda activity site)
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On-site interpretation test
According to the assessment results, the new recruits achieved an overall satisfactory performance. After many difficult decisions 45 total trainees ultimately passed and became volunteer interns at the Panda Base, and they will complete their internships in the next few months.
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 Volunteer group photo  
This project is now in its 7th year, and is still committed to education and conservation activities as well as other related activities that use giant pandas as a vehicle for awareness. Volunteers have long been active on the front lines of science popularization education at the base, primarily engaged in delivering popular science commentaries, and providing various assistance. They have become an indispensable part of this effort. The Chengdu Panda Base has held twelve of these training seminars that have educated 600 individuals, 200 of whom are active members in reserve.
On this occasion, we would like to extend our warmest welcome to our new members. We hope that they can find their place within our large family of volunteers and help support conservation as well as do their part to leave a better image of the base. I believe that with everyone working together, the cause of giant panda protection will be brought to even newer heights!

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