One Themed Activity of the Giant Panda Museum — the Growth Story of Giant Pandas


The themed activity “the Growth Story of Giant Pandas” of the Giant Panda Museum was recently held by the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. More than 20 teachers and students from the Chengdu Chenghua Jiaxiang Foreign Languages School participated in this activity. 




This activity focused on the growth process of giant pandas and was divided into three parts, primarily including: exploration missions with time constraints, drawing tasks, interactive popular science Q&As about giant pandas, and commentary on different venues.


While exploring, the students were divided into small groups to collect popular science information about pandas together, and finally worked together to fill in the blanks on cards the instructors had given out.



In the drawing task, the instructors guided the students to complete a piece about giant panda cubs and share their perceptions.



Then, the instructor shared knowledge about how giant pandas grow up to the students based on the questions written on the task cards they had filled in earlier. For example, what does a newborn baby panda look like, and how much does it weigh? How can giant panda cubs grow up properly in captivity? Why do giant panda cubs have to drink their mothers’ colostrum? The list goes on.



Instructors corrected students’ misunderstanding through interactive Q&A sessions, helping them to more properly understand how giant pandas grow up.



Finally, the instructors led all the teachers and students to the Sunshine Nursery House for Giant Pandas, Sub-adult Panda Enclosure, and Adult Giant Panda Enclosure, allowing them to learn more about giant pandas at different stages of growth by observing them.



This themed activity allowed students to realize that giant pandas face many obstacles while growing up. It is difficult to breed giant pandas, and the keepers must be attentive as the panda cubs grow. Through this journey, students will be more aware of giant pandas and feel their unique charm as living fossils in the years to come.


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