Volunteers Will Continue with Original Aspirations
——2021 Volunteer Carnival at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding


As we count down to the 36th International Volunteer Day and take the situation of COVID-19 epidemic prevention into consideration, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding hosted 2021 Science-popularizing Volunteer Carnival online on November 26 to spread the volunteer spirits of Unity, Friendliness, Mutual-assistance and Progress, recap the volunteer services over the past year and present touching moments of our volunteers.
Time can’t be seen and only photos and videos can capture those beautiful moments in time. Our 2021 volunteers edited together their favorite moments of the past year, which took us back in time to the beginning of 2021 and kicked off the activity.
Ms. Jin Shuang, acting chief (in charge of presiding) of the science popularization section of the base, delivered a speech, thanking the volunteers for their contributions to the base throughout the year and encouraging them to engage even further in their service after the new zone is open to the public. She painted a picture for the base’s new look in the New Year.
Ms. Jin Shuang delivering her speech
Next was the annual awards ceremony. Management of the volunteer team conferred the Quarterly Excellent Volunteer, Annual Excellent Volunteer, and Individual Award. Five winners of the Individual Award said a few words when accepting their awards, where they reminisced on their experiences as a volunteer and expressed gratitude to the base for providing a platform for growth.
 Management of the volunteer team conferring the awards
Group photo of the Annual Excellent Volunteers
季度优秀 合影.png
 Group photo of the Annual Excellent Volunteers 
 Group photo of the Individual Award winners 
Part III –Lottery draw. Our volunteers worked hard to win the lottery, and the team has been more united and elated.
In the fourth part, volunteers Miao Fu and Wu Yuting sung A Lam’s Diary, Digital Life and Being Satisfied, which pushed the activity to an all new height. In the following annual prize and redemption of points, the activity became even more celebratory.
Volunteer Miao Fu performing
Volunteer Wu Yuting performing
Finally, the host thanked the staff and volunteers, successfully ending the carnival.
The volunteers will continue with their original aspirations. Even though COVID-19 has affected offline volunteer services to some extent, it has never prevented the spirit of volunteerism from developing. As the new zone of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is about to open, more volunteers will provide their science popularization services and join the giant panda protection team while staying true to their original volunteer intent and keeping their mission in mind.
It is widely believed that with the effort from all kinds of people, giant panda protection will reach an all new height!

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