Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding Holds “Love Birds Week” Popular Science Event in 2022


Recently the 41st “Love Birds Week” of Sichuan Province and Chengdu City was officially launched, and Chengdu Panda Base seized this opportunity to fully utilize its own advantages, resources, and environment to hold a popular science event with the theme of “Searching for Birds by Their Songs” for tourists in the park.

At the event, popular science exhibition boards featuring common birds were lined up in the panda base. Tourists participated in the interactive game Love Birds Week – Searching for Birds by Their Songs. They matched the corresponding bird information according to the bird calls they heard. They then listened to interesting information from experienced bird watchers and collected bird science knowledge cards. They shared how they showed their love and protected birds every day. This “Bird Love Week” event sought to popularize bird science knowledge, convey a correct understanding of the living state quo of birds, raise public awareness of ecological and environmental protection, and create a sound atmosphere for all people to love and protect birds.

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Tourists participating in the interactive game Searching for Birds by Their Songs


Bird watchers having fun and sharing


Tourists collect cards with bird popular science knowledge


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