Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding Was Invited to Panda Reading Festival


Recently, Chengdu Panda Road Primary School has unveiled the curtain of Panda Reading Festival centering around the reading, sharing and communicating of Lesser-known Facts about Giant Pandas, a dummy’s guide to the giant panda. Its author, a member of the Base’s docents, paid a visit to the school to communicate and interact with pupils and answer their questions, which sparkled students’ enthusiasm for reading and environmental protection.
“Those little curators” in the school presented their learning outcomes in the form of textbook drama. The docent shared with students why she produced the Lesser-known Facts about Giant Pandas, in the hope that a growing number of people could have a more clear understanding of the giant panda without any misunderstanding and could pay more heed to Nature.
In the face-to-face Q&A section of science popularization, students scrambled to ask “why can’t we eat flowering bamboo?” “Why do giant pandas survive to this day?”... The docent answered carefully and patiently one by one and collected question cards from the students.
In the end, those little curators exchanged gifts and took a group photo with the docent on behalf of the readers of Chengdu Panda Road Primary School.
Panda Reading Festival is carried out in order to broaden student’s horizons, develop students’ and teachers’ strong interest in reading and build a sound environment where everyone loves reading and is also good at reading, as part of greater effort to raise their moral standards and comprehensive qualities. As a participant of this activity, the Base hopes to further arouse the students’ enthusiasm for reading and learning, through close communication and interaction with students, and answering their questions on the spot, and to raise their awareness of environmental protection after learning about giant pandas.

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