Varieties of Bird Science Exhibition Boards, and People’s Strong Interest in Bird Watching and Love for Birds


It is human nature to get close to and explore Nature. Bird watching is an interesting and healthy outdoor activity that is gaining increasing popularity from the public. Up to now, there are 532 wild bird species in Chengdu, placing the city on top of the list of large cities that have released bird survey data nationwide. At present, as Chengdu pushes ahead with building itself into a Park City, an increasing number of places have become hot spots for bird watching activities, and the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is one of them. The panda base with dense bamboo forests and shady trees has formed its own microclimate, which provides suitable conditions for bird activities and habitation. So far, more than 200 species of birds have been recorded. In every season, bird watching at the base will always be well worth the visit.

天鹅湖生境图 - 副本.jpg

The Habitat Painting of Swan Lake in Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding Author: Xiao Bai


Do you know

the most common raptor on the Chengdu Plain,

the duck with the “green blindfold”,

birds with “pearl capes”,

a small pheasant with a cry like “Landlord Wife” in Chinese,

what are their names respectively?

Come to the panda base to find out the answers through science exhibition boards.



Varieties of science exhibition boards about birds

Whether you are walking in the bamboo forest or by the Swan Lake, or staying somewhere in the park, as long as you pay attention, you can notice different forms of science exhibition boards themed with birds.







In addition, there are also interactive devices of knowledge about birds.

Seeing these colorful silhouettes of birds, do you know what kind of birds they represent? Pick up the bird graphic and find out.



Vast knowledge of birds on science exhibition boards

Walking on the trails in the park, you will find an interesting Bird Handbook. You might as well open it and you will find new discoveries.


In addition to understanding the appearance of birds through the vivid illustrations on the science exhibition boards, you can also enhance your memory through “one sentence description”. Look, do the white spots on the neck of the spotted dove look like a pearl shawl?


Besides, scan the QR code on the science exhibition boards, and you can also hear the real birdsong.



(Scan the QR code to have relevant information of the Chinese bamboo partridge)

Listen, doesn’t the sound of the Chinese bamboo partridge sound like the pronunciation of “Landlord Wife” in Chinese?


The most important thing in bird watching activities is to go outdoors and experience the bird world with your heart. Come to the panda base to watch birds, and you can find interesting bird science exhibition boards, unlocking more knowledge about birds.

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