ChaPanda’s Lifetime Adoption of the Giant Panda Cha Cha


Recently, ChaPanda’s lifetime adoption ceremony of the giant panda Cha Cha was held at the Giant Panda Museum Square of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (hereinafter referred to as the Panda Base).

As a local brand in Sichuan, ChaPanda has a deep affection for giant pandas. When it comes to the original intention of the move, the company believes that giant pandas are the image of Sichuan and a national treasure of China. The leading brand of new tea drinks originating in Sichuan shoulders the unshakable social responsibility for supporting giant panda research projects and protecting their habitats. It is hoped that through the act, more consumers or brands will actively participate in the charity cause of caring for giant pandas and more people will pay attention to global ecological protection and biodiversity.


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