Eggy Party’s Lifelong Adoption of Dan Zai


Recently, the ceremony commemorating Eggy Party’s lifelong adoption of the giant panda Dan Zai was held at the Giant Panda Museum Square of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (or the Panda Base). Mr. Du Deyuan, Creative Design Expert/Director of NetEase Games; Ms. Yuan Jingru, marketing personnel of the NetEase game Eggy Party; Ms. Xuan Yuexi, Project Management Business Expert at NetEase Games; as well as Mr. Liu Long, full-time Deputy Secretary of the Panda Base; Mr. Nie Mingfei, Director of the Department of Comprehensive Party-Mass Services of the Panda Base; and other guests attended the adoption ceremony.

As a game with positive cultural influence, Eggy Party is a favorite among young people. This game, thanks to its intuitive gameplay, guides players to explore and create positive map content, spreading the concept of harmony between humans and nature and further driving more people to help protect the environment. Mr. Du Deyuan expressed his willingness to contribute to giant panda conservation and help them grow up healthy and happy through this game’s influence and adopting a giant panda. They also want to further players’ understanding about giant panda conservation, arouse their enthusiasm about the national treasure, and aid in the development of giant panda public support. On behalf of the Panda Base, Mr. Liu Long, Deputy Secretary, extended his heartfelt gratitude to Eggy Party for donating to the giant pandas and expressed his hope that more of society will join the ranks in protecting and cherishing wildlife, nature, and the ecology, creating a beautiful home where humans and nature can live side by side!

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