Phase 3 of Panda Base renovations expectd to be completed and open to the public on New year’s Day


  5 hundred million RMB has been invested on the third phase of the panda base’s renovations and is nearing completion.  It will be fully open to the public in the new year.  
  Green areas make up most of phase 3, as well as a tourist passage surrounding the Giant Panda Nursery. The nursery itself is elaborately designed to look like a house made from bamboo. Visitors enter the building by way of a suspension bridge.  Looking down into the building from the bridge, visitors will see Qiang and Tibetan influences dominating the architecture.
  The Giant Panda Museum, as a symbolic building in the panda base, is now completed and exhibit design work is currently in progress. Characteristic of museums in China, it not only displays conservation works and serves as an important educational facility, but also highlights tourist areas within the country.. According to the design plan for the museum, it will fully display the evolution and situation of the panda. At the same time, it creates interactive experience for visitors to generate an understanding of the endangered national treasure, and inspires care and conservation for wildlife.    

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