The Giant Panda—A Skillful Tree Climber


The giant panda is normally known as an animal of fleshy round body with black and white fur, and perhaps only a few people know that it is a skillful tree climber.


This is only the basics of its skill.

A giant panda is basking in a tree.

A giant panda is walking from one tree to another as easily as fish swim in a sea.

“A male and a female giant pandas dating in woods”

This needs sophisticated skills that no one can match.

How can such a clumsy guy make it to climb up a tree that most people would think it impossible?


Sharp claws and the aggressive expression of conquering everything in his eyes

Chubby giant pandas were born with soft fingernails which will become thick and hard when they grow up.


Chubby giant pandas start to learn to climb trees at the age of a few months.

Like that of human being, the fingernails of chubby giant pandas continue growing long and need to manicure. But they have no nail clipper for a manicure. Instead, chubby giant pandas will press the trunk hard with their sharp fingernails when climbing, so that they can grind the fingernails to avoid their over length while holding themselves on to the trunk of trees.


Giant pandas usually like playing in trees and fighting for “the overlord of the tree”.

Chubby giant pandas like climbing trees. They can climb up trees easily unless the trunks of trees are hard and smooth without any spot to set their paws.

As the proverb goes: man cannot be judged by his appearance, the ability of chubby giant pandas is unmeasurable. Every panda is a good Kong fu player.





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