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A Discussion about Excessive Sleepiness Proofreader: Charlene Johnson   Time: 2017-02-09

This story is entirely fictitious. Any similarity with real characters or events is purely coincidental.

Host: Ladies and gentlemen, today our “Health Day” program features an expert on sleep quality, “Cheng Jiu” who will explain the reasons for being excessively sleepy and how to correct this condition.

Teacher: Hello everyone. I’m “Cheng Jiu”. I have been specializing in sleep problems for many years. I hear many people say that they are sleepy all the time. Even when people have enough sleep, they still feel extremely tired.



There are three common reasons for excessive sleepiness. The first is malnutrition. If one’s energy intake is insufficient, it may lead to malnutrition, and one will be extremely sleepy.



The symptoms will be improved if one supplements one’s diet with an appropriate amount of protein. For example, one can drink a bowl of sweet and delicious milk before going to sleep.



Second, many people play Mahjong, League of Legends with friends, late into the night with a highly concentrated mind, making it difficult to relax. As such it is difficult for them to fall asleep at night and when they get up in the morning, they are still sleepy.



Quiet activities at night, such as listening to calm music and taking a bath can contribute to a good sleep.



Third, depressive disorder can result in excessive sleepiness. Also, diseases such as adiposis can also result in the symptoms. People with these ailmentss should pay attention and see a doctor without delay.



Host: Ok, so much for today’s “Health Day”. I hope r “Cheng Jiu’s” teachings can help you improve your sleep. Thank you for watching, goodbye!





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