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April 2017 Event Calendar Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding Proofreader: Charlene Johnson   Time: 2017-04-20

In order to give visitors a richer travel experience and to inform them of the popular activities of the Panda Base this, we created an event calendar for April 2017. The calendars can be found on the first floor of the Giant Panda Museum (old) which is freely accessible by tourists.

There are rich and colorful activities in April, including a “Knowledge Contest on Giant Pandas”. Visitors can be involved online and offline in March to create a pleasant atmosphere where giant pandas get universal attention and people learn about them. In “Bird-Loving Week”, we invited senior staff who love birds (they can recognize all kinds of birds and talk about others) to teach the characteristics, habits , distribution and other knowledge about birds with tourists, to master the basic knowledge and skills of wild bird watching, and to share their feelings about protecting birds. Other activities include one arranged specifically for primary and secondary school students—“Explore the Secret of ‘Panda Ranger’ in Bamboo Forest”; various festivals for environmental protection, and 2017 New Year popular science and cultural exhibition activities—“Panda is a kind of Art”, “Explore the Secret of Workshops”, “Panda Big Lotto & Free Panda Base Tour".
For more information about these activities, please follow the official micro blog of Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (Tencent or Sina).



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