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Giant Panda “Nini” Gives Birth to a Pigeon Pair, Adding the Fifth Pigeon Pair to the Olympic Family at the Giant Panda Base Proofreader: Charlene Johnson   Time: 2017-07-27

This year, the newborn panda cubs at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding have begun to arrive. “Nini”, the female twin of a pigeon pair herself, successfully gave birth to the fifth pigeon pair of the Olympic family of Chengdu pandas. Up to now, the Base has successfully bred seven cubs in four births, including one pair of male twins, two pairs of male and female twins.


大熊猫“妮妮 ”幼仔.JPG

大熊猫“妮妮 ”幼仔2.JPG


On April 7, 2017, giant panda “Nini” completed mating. On June 24, “Nini” started losing her appetite. She only ate a few bamboo shoots every day and barely ate apples and steamed cornbread buns. On the night of July 19, she walked and licked her genital area frequently. Her water broke at 01:22 am on July 20, and she successfully gave birth to the twin cubs at 05:48 am and 06:33 am. The first born was a male cub weighing 203g at the moment of birth; and the second born was a female cub weighing 91g at the moment of birth. Both cubs made resonant sounds and have been in good condition. With strong maternal instinct, “Nini” can hold both cubs in her arms simultaneously. The cubs now can drink milk from their mother and both the mother and the cubs have normal vital signs.

大熊猫“妮妮 ”幼仔和幼仔.JPG

大熊猫“妮妮 ”幼仔和幼仔2.JPG
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