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I Am the Master of My Territory Proofreader: Charlene Johnson   Time: 2017-09-04


Ya Yun: I smell the odor of other pandas. (Odor identification is an important mechanism for identification among pandas.)


Ya Yun: Who is that? Is that you, sister Zhu Zhu?


Ya Yun: No response? I’d better be careful. What should I do if a bad person comes here and tries to take my territory and my milk away?


Ya Yun: Let me go out and see where the odor is coming from.



Ya Yun: Oh oh, the odor very strong.


Ya Yun: (Walking carefully) Let me step forward to explore the way.


Ya Yun: Move slowly, and do not disturb the stranger.


Ya Yun: (Sniffing.) The odor comes from here. It’s not from sister Zhu Zhu.



Ya Yun: All pandas, listen! This is my territory, and I’m the master. Nobody can take my territory and my milk away!




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