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The Yayun-school of Kung Fu Proofreader: Charlene Johnson    Time: 2017-10-11



Yayun: The autumn sun shining on me sends me to sleep~


Yayun: Huh? Is that Daddy there wandering in the wild!


Yayun(stretching her neck): It IS Daddy, whom we haven’t seen for quite a few days…


Yayun: I’ll go play with Daddy~


Yayun: If I can go out through here, I can give Daddy a hug~


Yayun: Iron nails! Let go! I am going for Daddy~


Yayun: Daddy, here I come ~ O(∩_∩)O~~


Yayun: Daddy, I’m so glad to see you~


Yayun: A hug, I want a hug~
Daddy: Wait a minute. Daddy wants to take a picture first!


Yayun: Are you taking a picture, Daddy? Why not take a picture of my panda kung fu?
Daddy: OK.


Yayun: Hyaaaa! The Yayun-school of kung fu! Starting position!


Yayun: Left punch!


 Yayun: Ha! Right palm strike!



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