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Panda Ya Yun Taking to Bamboo Leaves Proofreader:    Time: 2017-10-27



Wen Wen (Sniffing)
Ya Yun (Sniffing)
Qi Yi (Sniffing)


Qi yi: (Quick, gimme a bite)
Ya Yun: (What is it, Wen Wen?)
Wen Wen (Confused): No idea. What is this, Panda Daddy?


Qi Yi: It’s too tough to chew!
Wen Wen: Not fun. I’d rather go outside.


Ya Yun: What an exciting smell~


Ya Yun: The taste is intoxicatingly good!


Qi Yi: Ya Yun, I guess you are not too particular about food, right?


Ya Yun: What are you saying? Too tough for you?


Ya Yun: Come on, Qi Yi, we pandas are reputed to have cast-iron stomachs.


Ya Yun: Addicted on the first bite~


Ya Yun: Leave me alone, Qi Yi. I’m in the middle of enjoying this tasty thing.




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