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Base Participates in Theme Activity of 2018 Chenghua District “National Science and Technology Workers Day” and Science and Technology Week Proofreader:    Time: 2018-06-05

  On May 30, the 2018 Chenghua Talents Gathering – Theme Activity of “National Science and Technology Workers Day” and Science and Technology Week, sponsored by the Masses Unity Pivotal Project Command of Chenghua District and organized by the Association for Science and Technology and the Education Bureau of Chenghua District, was held at Chengdu Haibin Primary School. The activity consisted of science popularization exhibitions, science popularization performances, scientific experiences, signing ceremony for strategic cooperation, scientific and technological salon, and other parts aim to improving the scientific quality of everyone, especially young students, vigorously promoting the spirit of Chinese scientists and further stimulating science and technology workers’ passion for innovation and competition.
  The Base actively participated in the activity and meticulously prepared its science popularization display boards for conservation of wildlife to explain the scientific research and breeding of giant pandas, publicize the idea of wildlife conservation, and encourage the public to be active in protecting animals and the environment. After the activity, the staff also handed out giant panda picture books, bilingual magazines, science popularization notebooks, environmental tableware, and other publicity materials to students that loved them so much and promised that they will from now on refuse illegal wildlife products, insist on going green, protecting the environment, and reduce their carbon footprint, building a ecological and civilized home together.



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