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Academic Report of Professor Zhang Wen from Jiangsu University on Viral Metagenomics Research at Panda Base Proofreader:    Time: 2018-07-27

Recently, Professor Zhang Wen from Jiangsu University was invited to the Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (“Base”) for an exchange visit and an in-depth discussion with the main research personnel of the base on the research and application of the viral metagenomics method.

To kick things off, Professor Zhang Wen gave an academic report on The Analysis of Wildlife Virus Groups and Its Application in the Prevention and Control of New Virus Infectious Diseases, introduced the development background, research process, and application prospects of virus metagenomics research as well as introduced the research and the achievements obtained by the research group in recent years in detail. Taking four wild animals as examples, Professor Zhang Wen shared the analysis and research process for virus groups, made a detailed analysis on sample requirements, sample processing, process and method of analysis, and other aspects and specifically describes the new virus found in the giant panda research. For the application of virus group analysis method in the rapid diagnosis of wild animal virus infections, Professor Zhang Wen emphasized that timeliness was a major problem currently used to limit applications, and the research group was building faster and lower-cost application methods.
Participants showed great interest in this hot field and then participated in an in-depth exchange with Professor Zhang Wen. Hou Rong, Director of the Research Center, proposed that the virus metagenomics methods provided broad research prospects and directions for clinical diagnosis and pathogenesis analysis and other aspects of infectious diseases. The Panda Base hoped to cooperate with Professor Zhang Wen to jointly develop rapid diagnostic technology for wild animal viruses and build new methods for the monitoring of viral genome. Professor Zhang Wen said that the research on viral metagenomics methods requires a large number of samples and the support of innovative technologies from interdisciplinary fields. The Panda Base has abundant resources and talents and is looking forward to cooperating with Professor Zhang Wen.
Through this symposium, research personnel at the Panda Base further understood the hot research field of viral metagenomics, providing new ideas for the research of rapid diagnosis methods for clinical viruses and promoting cooperation and exchanges of the Panda Base in wildlife protection and disease prevention and control.

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