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Academic Report of Dr. Joshua Plotnik from Hunter College-CUNY on Animal Cognition and Behavioral Research at the Panda Base Proofreader:    Time: 2018-08-03

Recently, the Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (hereafter referred to as the Panda Base) invited Dr. Joshua Plotnik of Hunter College-CUNY to the Base for an exchange visit. Dr. Joshua Plotnik gave a report titled How to Promote the Protection of Wild Animals by Understanding Animal Cognition. The main researchers and science popularization instructors of the Panda Base attended the meeting.

Dr. Joshua Plotnik was engaged in research of Comparative Psychology and Conservation Behavioral Science and began research on elephant intelligence and cognition in Thailand in 2005. In the report, he introduced the results of his research related to animal cognition from animal self-cognition, ability to cooperate, perception of justice, concept of quantity, and other aspects. Dr. Joshua Plotnik mentioned that different animals will perceive the world through senses different from humans and understand the world from that animal’s point of view, which plays an important role in alleviating conflict between humans and wild animals and promoting protection of wild animals.
After the report, researchers of the Panda Base and Dr. Joshua Plotnik conducted an in-depth exchange on research content on which they could cooperate.
The symposium injected new stimulus into behavioral research of endangered wild animals (such as the giant panda) at the Panda Base, laid a foundation for better applying giant panda behavioral research for protecting giant pandas and promoted their protection.



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