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Rescue Efforts for Newborn Giant Panda Runjiu Fully Deployed When Critical Situation Occurred in Delivery Room of Chengdu Giant Pandas Base Proofreader:    Time: 2018-08-03

On July 31, 2018, The Giant Panda Yuanrun at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding successfully gave birth to a female cub with weighing in at 151.8g. Their keepers named it Runjiu.
The Giant Panda Yuanrun was born at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding on August 25, 2012. This is the first experience of motherhood for Yuanrun. Yuanrun’s water broke at 10:24 am on July 31, and she subsequently gave birth to her baby Runjiu at 12:56. This was a learning experience for Yuanrun because Runjiu was not effortlessly delivered, and Yuanrun felt panicked some after giving birth to her child.
As trained, the breeding team immediately removed the cub away from Yuanrun and happened upon a discovered a long gash from the corners of the mouth to the neck of the cub when inspecting it. The panda keepers suspected that it might be “Yuanrun” who scratched the cub when she kept trying to pick up her baby. At this moment, the feeding and management team of the Panda Base immediately notified the veterinary team to begin treatment. The expert team led by Wang Chengdong, the Deputy Director of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and the Giant Panda Expert, immediately began observing and studying the newborn’s injuries and decided to suture the wounds of the baby panda. During operations, every stitch shall be carefully considered: Where should the stitch start? Where should the stitches end? Will the wound at the corner of the mouth affect its ability to eat? Can the panda cub’s delicate skin effectively heal after suturing? Various problems lay ahead, and the cub’s life was in danger. The experts dared not relax while suturing.
During the operation, everyone present at the Solar Delivery Room of the Panda Base feared for the newborn baby panda. The final suture operation went very smoothly, and nine stitches in total were sutured. The breeding and medical teams were convinced that the wound would be healed, and the baby panda would grow up healthy through the subsequent treatment. For this, the panda keepers named it Runjiu, which means health and persistence.
On the other hand, considering the baby panda could not eat normally after an operation due to its wound at the corner of its mouth, the breeding team at the Base hoped to help the baby panda receive colostrum from its mother through various attempts and fed it by hand to prevent the baby panda from being injured again. However, the breeding team also encountered a problem: Yuanrun did not raise her baby, which made it more difficult and dangerous for the panda keepers to get milk. Even so, the breeding team did not give up and kept trying to get more breast milk for Runjiu.
At present, the Panda Base has implemented 24-hour monitoring for Runjiu. As Runjiu shows a strong desire for food every two hours, and all of its physiological indicators are normal, it needs to be patiently fed bit by bit by the panda keepers.。




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