An Activity of Volunteer Salon- A Wild-release Study Tour at Dujiangyan Panda Valley Organized by Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding


To strengthen the understanding of giant panda protection work among the volunteers at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and further improve the comprehensive quality and team building of the volunteers, an activity called Volunteer Salon- A Wild-release Study Tour at Dujiangyan Panda Valley was held at the Dujiangyan Breeding and Wild-release Research Center on August 25.

On the morning of August 25, 24 popular science volunteers from the base, led by popular science instructors, arrived at the long-awaited Dujiangyan Panda Valley to begin a one-day study tour. First, staff from Panda Valley showed the volunteers around the panda enclosures. On the way, the staff explained the story behind each panda in detail, and the volunteers marveled at the unique story of each panda- their national treasures. Then, they learned about giant panda protection, and its current situation through knowledge display boards and visits to various work areas of Panda Valley and learned about the efforts and achievements of Dujiangyan Panda Valley in the field of giant panda protection and wild release.

During the visit, the volunteers also played a game of nature scavenger hunt along the way, to discover the rich biodiversity living in Panda Valley.

In the afternoon, the volunteers participated in a variety of team building and popular science activities. The volunteers usually come to the base at different times and rarely have a chance to get together, so the salon held icebreaking activities- interesting self-introduction themed with animals, a "guess who I am" animal guessing game, which brought the volunteers closer and made them understand each other more. The game "disappearing homeland" had the volunteers personally experience the danger of habitat loss and fragmentation faced by wild animals. The two small games "the web of life" and "opening the loop" enabled them to deeply understand the diversity of the natural ecological environment and the chain effect after it is destroyed, and realize the complexity and importance of biological diversity. Finally, "natural box" was played. They used the natural materials collected in the game of "nature scavenger hunt" in the morning and created their ideal beautiful natural homes in cartons group by group. After each finished game, the instructors guided the volunteers to share and reflect, so that they can reflect on the games, learn by doing, and experience more deeply.

 After a day of learning activities, they shared learning experiences before leaving Panda Valley. The instructors first supplemented knowledge, such as wild-release work and biodiversity involved in today's events, and helped volunteers construct their own knowledge system more fully. They also fully affirmed the hard work the volunteers perform every day and expressed their gratitude for everyone being involved in the activities today. The instructors and volunteers then discussed about the future work and volunteer project’s brand building plan. Afterwards, all the volunteers that participated in the activity also gave speeches and exchanged their thoughts and feelings. They said that they had gained a lot and felt that they had improved in many aspects. Meanwhile, they also suggested a volunteer team to be built in the future and hoped that more such activities will be held in the future.

This activity was a success and became another example of diversified popular science education at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, which accumulated valuable experience for the development of related popular science activities and brand construction of volunteer team in the future. 


Study Tour


A Game of "Nature Scavenger Hunt"


“The Web of Life”


“Opening the Loop”



Creating the "Natural Box"


"Natural Boxes" Made by Volunteers


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