Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding: Innovative Popular Science Community Activity in Chengdu, We Are in Action


On August 29, the 2018 Innovative Popular Science Community Activity in Chengdu, organized by the Association of Chengdu Scientific Educational Bases (ACSEB) was successfully held at the Gonghe Road Community of Wangjiang Road Subdistrict Office, Wuhou District. Focusing on the themes of a healthy life, protecting nature, energy conservation, environmental protection, ecological protection, and Tianfu culture, the activity brought to bear the superior resources of the popular science bases around the city and offered a popular science "feast" to the community residents.

 As a national, provincial and municipal scientific educational base, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding has actively carried out the popular science popularization with a theme of exploring the national treasure: the giant panda. Thanks to the giant panda, the base introduced knowledge regarding protection of not just giant pandas, but other endangered animals and the status of wildlife protection to community residents through various ways, such as community science popularization teaching class, thematic exhibition board display, video images, interpretation and sharing, and on-site distribution of published popular science literature. The base also encouraged the public to start thinking about protection when considering the small things they do or around them and reduce the use of disposable products. An easy-to-understand China Wildlife Protection Law publicity video was played at the site of activity, calling on the public to refuse to buy wildlife products, protect wildlife resources and promote the construction of China's ecological civilization.

This activity also included exhibits for popular science interaction, on-site services for the public, sympathy to the extremely poor households enjoying the five guarantees and other parts, with the intention of expanding the range of the target audience through various forms of activities, so that the “Innovative Popular Science Community Activity in Chengdu” will truly benefit the average community resident. 









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