Giant Panda Cubs Born in 2018 Appear in Public Together - A Special Concert


During Golden Autumn, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (hereinafter “Chengdu Panda Base”) held a special event where the 12 giant panda cubs born this year made a rare public appearance. In 2018, the Chengdu panda base successfully bred and reared the 13 giant panda cubs from 9 litters, including one born overseas. So far, the Chengdu Panda Base has established the world’s largest artificial breeding ex-situ population of 195 giant pandas.
The Sun and Moon Battle of the Bands!
At the Chengdu Panda Base at 10:00 am, 7 newborn giant panda cubs that make up the Sun Band were taken to the activity field in the sun labor room by their keepers. Seven cute baby pandas lay on the carpet with pictures of musical notes in order, and their black and white fur made them look like the notes: “Do, Re, Mi…”. They were so energetic, you may be fooled they were jamming out on stage. Similarly, on the activity field in the moon labor room, these five cute giant panda cubs were not to be outdone and held another concert, imbibing the room with a strong musical atmosphere. They became much more energetic once they got used to where they were, and each panda cub's dance was full of vitality and interpreted the Autumnal Music perfectly.
Public Welfare Star Writes Songs to Boost Giant Panda Protection
A mysterious guest, the singer Song Bingyang, also appeared at the activity site of the sun labor room. Song Bingyang announced that he would do his part to call on everyone to protect giant pandas and the ecological environment, and promised to cooperate with the panda base by writing, singing, and performing songs dedicated to the cause of giant panda protection. For this reason, Song Bingyang was awarded the title of Music Ambassador of the Chengdu Panda Base.
Protect Giant Pandas and Create the “Panda Capital”
Chengdu officially launched its plans to create a “Panda Capital” in June of this year and held the interim report and seminar for international consultation on the comprehensive and conceptual planning of the “Panda Capital” in August. Focusing on giant panda protection, the main functions such as scientific research, public education, international association, tourism and leisure, cultural creativity, and outdoor athletics of the “Panda Capital” were established when planning had begun. It aims to protect all animals and plants in the area by protecting giant pandas. It will comprehensively enhance Chengdu's scientific research capacity and level to protet giant pandas and biodiversity, and promote Chengdu's biodiversity conservation and ecological civilization construction. Protecting giant pandas is imperative.



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