Cheng Shi’s Hobbies


 Everybody knows Cheng Shi, and his dolls are always snatched up, so we’re going to skip their basic introduction. Today, let’s see how the big star spends his time.


What a naughty boy he is!


Cheng Shi likes his rocking horse when he was little




The slide is also in his list of favorites



This big tree symbolizes glory, and you can always find Cheng Shi on his “throne”.


Cheng Shi was the first to find the pond, “Great! Another good place to go in the summer!”


“Oh no! The pond is mine!” Cheng Shi is not willing to share the pond with others.


  Grey-like appearance makes Cheng Shi look different, so does his personality. He likes challenging himself with difficulties.


Cheng Shi, you know, you’re embarrassing your legs.


“I am the Dragon Warrior!”



Picture of the newborn Cheng Shi


  Cheng Shi, born with a warrior’s heart, enjoys the bold name of the Fighting God, so no wonder fighting tops his list of hobbies. Cheng Shi is the smallest of the baby pandas born in 2016 though, it did not stop Cheng Shi from challenging the other bigger panda cubs.


  Fu Shun and Cheng Shi have been good friends ever since childhood. They used to play together, and of course, play fighting included.


Look at Cheng Shi’s adorable eyes, “Everyone thinks Fu Shun is the strong one, so I will be the strongest as long as I beat the strong one! Aha…”


 Cheng Shi launches an attack!


The meet-up on the slide must end in a flight.


The battle has just begun – Fu Shun never planned to step down from the throne, while Cheng Shi shows no fear, too.


The battle moves to the ground.


Cheng Shi loses the battle finally.


  Well, as everyone knows, sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. However, Cheng Shi doesn’t know the word “lose”, and he takes on the challenge without hesitation even when strong Jiao Ao stands in front of him.


Cheng Shi cries loudly, “Here comes my prey! The hunt begins!”


No way! Jiao Ao is running away, and Cheng Shi is chasing him! But look at Jiao Ao’s cunning eyes, could it be…..


The chase doesn’t stop until a perch where Jiao Ao turns around for a surprise attack. Undoubtedly, Cheng Shi falls into the trap and gets laid out……


  Cheng Shi also challenged Mao Tao, Ya Zhu, and others, all of whom are strong. We’ve all witnessed how Cheng Shi earned his name the Fighting God.


  The two-year-old Cheng Shi is maturing now, but we often miss the lively and naughty boy in childhood. If you want to see a different Cheng Shi, go and see him at the No.1 Villa of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding!

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