New Cubs in the Giant Panda Kindergarten


 It’s that time of the year when our young cubs graduate and move on to the next grade. It’s no different for pandas! Not long ago, a group of cubs born in 2016 successfully graduated from the giant panda kindergarten; after they graduate, they parted ways with each other and moved on to different parks.


 Class I of the Giant Panda Kindergarten


Class 2 of the Giant Panda Kindergarten


After reluctantly saying good-bye to their 2016 school year, the kindergarten ushered in a new class of panda cubs: Zhi Shi, Zhi Ma, Da Mei, Cheng Lan, and Qing from the Moon Delivery Room to form 2017 Class 1; Jing Liang, Ni Ke, Ni Na, and Zhen Xi from the Sun Delivery Room formed 2017 Class 2. The 9 panda cubs born in 2017 will continue their new development in the kindergarten.


2017 Class 1 of the Giant Panda Kindergarten


2017 Class 2 of the Giant Panda Kindergarten


Are you wondering if these pandas like their new home? Follow me, and let’s have a look!


It may take a bit more time for the panda cubs to adapt to their new environment. Probably because of the strange smells on the playground, they often wander near the door and do not dare to venture too far in; in the meantime, they’re so curious about their surroundings that they can’t help but cautiously explore and slowly climb onto the perch to eat bamboo but only after their stomachs start growling.


 Class 1 students hanging around the door


Zhi Shi bravely climbs onto their perch


Look! Class 1 is starting to eat bamboo!



Class 2 students hanging around the door


Ni Ke and Jing Liang drinking water together


Excitedly, Ni Na shouted, “Wow! So much fun here!” (She totally did!)



Class 2 students on their lunch break


Thanks to the large kindergarten with thriving foliage, these new cubs, especially the ones who love climbing trees, can’t be happier. After their bamboo meal, they excitedly go to choose their favorite trees. They like climbing until they’re up high and hang and perch since they think it’s the perfect place to sleep.


Zhi Ma thinks, “Climb to the top and see the world.”


Zhi Shi seems pretty tired, “I’ve finally found the perfect bed.” She says. Zzz….


Da Mei is satisfied with her choice. “What a nice view up here!”


Cheng Lan mutters, “This tree seems a bit small. Hmm, it’s all good. I’m small enough to sleep here.”


Most of the time, Class 1 doesn’t go too far and plays only near their perches. While Class 2 seems to be bolder: two days ago, they only dared to sleep on the phoenix tree next to the door. Recently, they have thoroughly explored their playground, and have even climbed the big tree that was the favorite of 2016 students. They all snagged the best perches.


Zhen Xi shouted, “Hey! Come up! It’s super cool sleeping here!”


 We have a new name for Class 2 – The Hanging Class!


 Believe it or not, “beds” on the tree start fights. Look at Class 2 butting heads!


Zhen Xi likes to bully Jing Liang, “Liang, I gotta sleep on your back, ok?”


Ni Na convinces herself, “Hmm, it’s just a bed. As a sweet, little girl, I’d rather stay here.”


The 9 panda cubs are still on their path to exploring their new home, and we believe that, under the good care of Grandpa Tan, they will soon adapt to theirs new kindergarten life. We hope the cubs will enjoy their happy “primary school time” here!

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