Giant Panda and Flourishing Dendrocalamopsis oldhami


 The warm wind of spring awakens all the flowers, and the spring rain washes away all the dirt. With the beginnings of spring moistening all things on earth, the flourishing and surprisingly green Dendrocalamopsis oldhami in the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding has watered the eyes of all tourists in its own way.



This kind of bamboo grove is seen everywhere in the Base. However, this bamboo does is not served to the giant panda as a delectable dish, but was chosen to be viewed.


As an animal belonging to the Carnivora order, Mammalia class, why has the giant panda become accustomed to bamboo over meat? According to research findings, one of the reasons is that one type of taste gene within the giant panda has been modified, making it impossible for the giant panda to enjoy meet. The giant panda therefore feeds on bamboo for necessary nutrition. (In reference to Giant Panda in China and Having Bamboo As Its Food by Fu Jinhe, Zhang Wenyan and Yuan Jinling)


So, how does the giant panda enjoy bamboo in the spring? We can see them chewing on bamboo everywhere in various spots.



Miaomiao: The sunshine is light, and the fresh bamboo is so tasty.


Yangbang: Chewing the bamboo in bliss


Yuanyuan: Bamboo leaves are very yummy!





Chengda: My flexible pseudo-thumb and giant cheek tooth are my weapons for chewing the bamboo trunk.


The types of bamboo that a giant panda favors includes bashania fargesii, phyllostachys bissetii, bitter bamboo, fargesia robusta, etc. They also change up their preferences for different types of bamboo based on the seasons. Even though it is the same type of bamboo, the giant panda will also feed on different sections based on factors including nutritional ingredients, water content, and freshness. It is therefore noted that the giant panda is very picky when it comes to bamboo.




You will see more bamboo shoots like this in various spots when you visit the giant panda in the spring and summer. It is because the bamboo often sprouts in the early spring and late summer. Bamboo shoots are fresher and juicier and taste better than the leaves or trunk. The giant panda will prefer to feed on bamboo shoots when in season; when the bamboo shoots are abundant. It is worth mentioning that most giant pandas are in heat in spring, and the bamboo shoots, with its better nutritious content, can offer more energy for them to cope with estrus and reproduction.


Miaomiao: I only show you my back because I want to enjoy my bamboo shoots quietly.


Qinghe: Let me taste it! Wow, so fresh and so tasty!


Lou’abao: With bamboo shoots in both hands, I will catch up!


Chengda: This is so crispy and so yummy!


When it is quiet, the Dendrocalamopsis oldhami contuse to flourish. The tears of Ehuang and Nüying has turned into spots on the mottled bamboo long ago, leaving behind a legend that touches one generation after the next. The fortitude of this strong bamboo is described by Zheng Xie in his poem, “No matter where the wind blows, east, west, south or northwards” has also converged into the unyielding integrity between the earth and heaven. When the wind wakes up, the Xiaoxiang Pavilion “In the shadow of hundreds of thousands of green bamboo trees” seems to narrate the gracefulness and nobility of Lin Daiyu when it is quiet. And at this moment, do you perceive something differently throughout the seemingly endless time observing the giant panda quietly chewing on bamboo?

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