“Contrasting Loveliness” of Meng Four and Meng Five


On May 23, 2018, the giant panda Meng Meng gave birth to a pair of female babies at the Moon Maternity Room of Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. They are the world's first captive giant panda twins born in 2018. They are also the fourth and fifth cubs of Meng Meng, so their breeders call them “Meng Four” and “Meng Five”, while their formal names are “Meng Bao” and “Meng Yu”. Their elder brothers are famous in the panda world as Meng Da, Meng Er and Meng Lan.


As a pair of twin sisters, Meng Four and Meng Five have very different personalities. The elder sister Meng Four has a lively personality and likes to play around; while the younger sister has a quiet personality and likes to sleep in a tree. The sisters show what “contrasting loveliness” means in their practical actions.



Meng Five


When they used to live with other little friends, Meng Four would like to explore around and often play with friends. Meng Five, on the other hand, would choose a small tree, strike a comfortable pose and sleep peacefully.



Meng Four: Come and play with me~ 



Meng Five: This position is good for sleeping~


Later, Meng Four and Meng Five moved to the next door to live with their mother Meng Meng, but they still have different personalities of being quiet and lively. Meng Four climbs up and down in the activity field all day and plays with their mother, while Meng Five still chooses a best place in the activity field, hanging in a tree all day to sleep.


Meng Four explored around in the activity field


Meng Four learned to eat bamboo from their mother


Vigorous Meng Four


Meng Five sleeping in a tree


In winter, rare snowflakes were floating in the air, Meng Five finally showed a little excitement and began to play with her elder sister in the activity field. But the excitement seemed to pass quickly, and she slowly climbed the tree again and began to sleep. Meng Four was very excited, had been climbing around in the field, playing with their mother and learning to eat bamboo from their mother, which seemed to have an inexhaustible supply of energy.



Meng Five occasionally came down from the tree to play


Meng Five: Bye bye, it's time for me to go to bed again~


Meng Four: I'll go up and ask my younger sister to come down and play with me~



Meng Four: I have to play with my mother~


In the spring, everything came back to life, Meng Four was still full of vitality, sometimes climbing up and down the rockery, sometimes stealing their mother's bamboo shoots and apples, and sometimes pestering her mother to breast-feed it; And what about Meng Five? It still hung in a tree to sleep. 


Meng Four: Mom's bamboo shoots are so delicious~


Meng Four: Wow! These are mom's apples~



Meng Four: Mom, I want to be breast-fed~


Meng Four: Alas, I'm tired too~


Meng Five: This beautiful spring day is really good for sleeping~


These are the Meng Four who loves to play and the Meng Five who loves to hang in a tree. After watching these twin sisters with “contrasting loveliness”, do you like them?



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