Qi Qiao and Qi Xi Enjoying a Happy Children's Day


 Two giant pandas, Qi Qiao and Qi Xi, who have been living in Ordos since 2016, had a fun holiday on Children's Day thanks to the thoughtful arrangements of staff at the Erdos Animal Park


Qi Qiao and Qi Xi


On children's day, staff of the panda enclosure began their busy preparations early. They dragged a cart loaded with holiday gifts for Qi Qiao and Qi Xi into the activity field and began decorating it. They added a hanging seat with bamboo shoots, a hammock and a slide with ice cubes on them, and a heart-shaped pattern made of bamboo shoots they placed on the ground, which they then covered with fresh bamboo leaves, pieces of apples, and ice cakes that the pandas love. On top of the ice cakes, in addition to a variety of fruits, they wrote in big letters “Happy Children's Day” made out of apple pieces.


The staff busy preparing



Delicious food of all kinds and an ice cake


Everything was ready, waiting for our friends. Qi Qiao and Qi Xi make a brilliant appearance!


Qi Qiao and Qi Xi entering the activity field


After entering the activity field, Qi Qiao and Qi Xi followed the smell towards the various sweet treats. Qi Xi stopped at the hanging seat full of bamboo shoots and climbed onto it to enjoy this scrumptious treat; Qi Qiao went straight to the ice cake.


Qi Xi enjoying a relaxing meal of bamboo shoots



Qiqiao enjoying the ice cake




Qi Qiao and Qi Xi


After a full meal, Qi Qiao and Qi Xi each found a comfortable place to sleep


Qi Qiao


Qi Xi


Finally, we hope that Qiqiao and Qixi can eat, sleep, play and live happily and healthy under the love of the Ordos citizens and the meticulous care of zoo staff there.

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