The Panda Base Launches Energy Conservation Week Activities with the Theme of “Green Development, Energy Conservation Comes First”


The week from June 17th to June 23rd is the national Energy Conservation Week. This year, the theme of the national Energy Conservation Week is “Green Development, Energy Conservation Comes First”. During the week, June 19th is the National Low Carbon Day with theme of “low carbon action to make our skies blue again”. In order to widely publicize the concept of green development, popularize the knowledge of ecological civilization and energy conservation in public institutions, and create the social morals of advocating economy, reasonable consumption and low-carbon environment, the Panda Base has launched a series of science popularization activities in the park with the giant panda as the carrier.

1. A science popularization lecture hall on giant pandas

The Panda Base launched an activity of science popularization lecture hall for the public with the theme “Cute Babies Arrive!” By allowing the public to observe giant panda cub models, watch the simulated breeding process of giant pandas, watch exclusive giant panda videos, and play interesting games, the activity enabled them to have an in-depth understanding of the physical and physiological characteristics of giant panda cubs, the unique way giant panda cubs are born and bred, the growth process of the cubs and how the nursing parents at the Panda Base take care of giant pandas, thus arousing public concern about the current situation and conservation of giant pandas, making the public aware of the current threats to wildlife, and encouraging the public to adopt sustainable lifestyles in their daily life to participate in environmental protection.

2. A science popularization activity “I cook food for pandas”

The Panda Base launched a science popularization activity “I cook food for pandas” aimed at members of the media experience group. They personally made the “steamed corn bread”, one of the favorite complementary foods of the pandas at the panda base. While experiencing the fun of cooking, they learned about the knowledge of giant pandas, understood the work of human beings in protecting giant pandas and other endangered wild animals, and understood how to adhere to environmental protection in a low-carbon way of life, so as to jointly protect our blue planet.



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