Base and Community Joint Popular Science Development—Giant Panda Protection Popular Science Publicity Activity Held at Bailianchi Sub-district


Recently, a giant panda protection popular science publicity activity was held out in Bailianchi Sub-district to offer a veritable feast of scientific knowledge for residents in the jurisdiction, which attracted positive responses and participation from community residents. By virtue of a variety of activities, such as descriptions accompanied by pictures, popular science videos, model displays, and an interactive Q&A, popular science lecturers vividly offered up information on protecting endangered species, including the giant pandas to children and parents in the community. In addition, giant panda popular science knowledge panels with both text and photos were set up at the activity site, allowing the public to view at their discretion. Finally, staff gave away giant panda picture books, popular science magazines, popular science notebooks, and reusable bags to participants as gifts to help participants remember what they learned.

Enacted in a joint model of “base + community shared construction and utilization”, the activity was designed to publicize knowledge on protecting wild animals, which were represented by giant pandas, deepen the public’s emotional connection with nature, encourage the public to actively make decisions every day that will protect the environment and build an ecological, civilized, and harmonious community.



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