Late 2019 brothers were born: Giant Panda Xiao Ya Tou (meaning "little girl" in Chinese) successfully gave birth to twin cubs


On the afternoon of October 11 2019, giant panda Xiao Ya Tou successfully gave birth to twin cubs at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Pandas. The birth weight of the first male cub was 176.6 grams, and that of the younger male cub was 131.4 grams. Moreover, the conditions of both the mother and children were stable.

Xiao Ya Tou began her estrus in this spring, and then quietly waited to give birth in the Base’s Moon Delivery Room. On the evening of October 10, the panda began licking her vulva. On the morning of October 11, the panda frequently licked her vulva and had other parturient activities. That same day, the water of the panda was broken at 13:57. The first twin cub was born at 13:58, and the second cub was born at 16:35.

After giving birth to the second cub, Xiao Ya Tou embraced both cubs and licked them, and displayed good motherhood qualities. Xiao Ya Tou previously gave birth to cubs three times. Xiao Ya Tou gave birth to Xiaoqiao on August 12 2012. Next, she gave birth to Xiaoya and Xiaochuan on July 26 2015. Afterwards, she gave birth to Xiaoxin on July 26 2017. Xiao Ya Tou is an experienced mother.

Xiao Ya Tou had an overdue pregnancy, and is a panda which gives birth late in Chengdu in the past 10 years. The twin cubs born this time are the only “late panda cubs” who failed to make their public debut at the Base in the past 10 years. Experts said that giant pandas are seasonal estrus animals. Their estrus usually lasts from early spring to autumn. Their gestation period varies from 80 to 180 days, depending on individual differences.

By October 12 2019, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Pandas had bred a total of 11 panda cubs at 7 births with a survival rate of 100%, including 9 panda cubs at 6 births at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Pandas, and 2 panda cubs at birth at the Zoologischer Garten, with gratifying results. At present, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Pandas has established the world's largest giant panda population which is artificially bred and subject to ex-situ conservation.



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