Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding Reopens! The World's First Twin Pandas Born in 2020 Welcome Visitors


Following the Base’ closure for 2 months, it is undeniable that everyone is eager to see whether the “rollers” are as gluttonous, sleepy and playful as always, and whether those giant pandas have become chubby or skinny after such a long time.


Now, the adorable and cute giant pandas finally came out to welcome the visitors as the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (the "Base") was reopened on March 25.


To ensure that the visitors enjoy a wonderful time with the giant pandas, an opening ceremony and other activities were held at the Base to welcome the incoming visitors with their safety assured.


After a 2-minute flash mob show, 5 lucky visitors witnessed two pinky little cubs, the world's first captive twin panda born this year, on the big screen through the live streaming channel of iPanda. They also received thoughtful giant panda cultural-innovation gift packs from the Base. Afterwards, these 5 lucky visitors extended their blessings to the giant pandas, and wished them happy and healthy lives. Later, the gate to the main entrance of the Base was opened as everyone at the scene shouted for the countdown. After such a long period, the giant pandas finally unveiled before the visitors on this pleasant Spring day. In addition, a spectacular bubble show was performed in front of the main entrance.


Watching the lazy and carefree giant pandas bathing in the sunlight in the garden, the visitors could not help but capture this memorable beautiful moment by taking lots of pictures with their smartphones. During the touring, visitors voluntarily kept a distance between them and maintained order.


When the Base was closed, comprehensive prevention and protection measures were taken to ensure that the Base was safe and that all animals were well fed and controlled, and the research work was carried out smoothly. A large quantity of bamboo leaves was stored in the Base in the very first place. Specialists prepared an emergency bamboo leaves supply plan for the giant pandas. To prevent cross infection between human beings and the giant pandas, a working system of "no holiday and no change of post" was adopted to ensure that the animals and workers remain healthy, and the routine work such as feeding, cub breeding, environment enrichment, behavior training, disease prevention and control and treatment was carried out as usual. On March 17, "Fuwa" gave birth to the first male twin pandas and on March 21, "Zhizhi" gave birth to a male cub. The birth weight of the twins was 159.8g and 119.5g, respectively, while the baby of "Zhizhi" weighed 176.7g at birth. The 3 cubs are presently in good physical condition.


Concerning daily activities, the entire Base was sterilized on a daily basis, notably areas such as the panda playground, the inner of the enclosures, office and public areas were disinfected according to a strict protocol. So far, no suspected or positive case was found in the Base. All workers and animals inside the Base are healthy and safe.


For the sake of safety, the Base will open from 8:39 am to 17:00 pm every day, and ticket sales and check-ins will end at 16:00 pm that day. To enter the Base, visitors can purchase tickets online or scan the QR code at the site to buy physical ticket. The “one person, one valid ID, one ticket” policy will be strictly implemented. The number of visitors will be restricted each day, and the Giant Panda Cinema shall remain closed. Besides, the Base is sterilized every day. The feeder will conduct a close observation and keep record of the behavior, foraging, drinking, defecating and mental state of each giant panda.




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