Researcher Hou Rong Awarded "Labor Day Model Female Employee of Sichuan" Title


In a bid  to learn and practice, Secretary General Xi Jinping's important statement on the working class and labor union works and the principles of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and ACFTU 17th National Convention, promoted the model worker spirit, labor spirit and craftsmanship spirit; commended the exemplary female employees who have collectively or individually made positive contributions to overall epidemic prevention and control and to socioeconomic development; strengthened the sense of pride and sense of mission of female employees; and further incentivized female employees to undertake new missions, achieve new goals and register more successes in the new era. Sichuan Province General Trade Union publicized on March 4 the Decision to Commend Labor Day Model Female Employees (Posts) of Sichuan (CGF [2020] No. 5), commending 120 "Labor Day Model Female Posts of Sichuan" and 120 "Labor Day Model Female Employees of Sichuan". 


Hou Rong, Director and Researcher of our Animal Research Center, was commended as the "Labor Day Model Female Employee of Sichuan". 


Been an expert on pandas, Hon Rong has supervised over 30 national or provincial level scientific research projects, has been granted 5 provincial level awards and 10 municipal level awards. She has equally carried out 13 invention patents, participated in three treatises and published or communicated in over 60 papers. She was directly in charge of and involved in establishing the Key Laboratory of Biology for Protection of Endangered Wildlife of Sichuan. This Laboratory was created from scratch despite difficulties such as understaffing and underfunding. In 2007, this Laboratory established a provincial-ministerial joint key national laboratory breeding base; in 2019, it was  one of the four outstanding laboratories selected from the key comprehensive biological laboratories of Sichuan in the quinquennial assessment of laboratories. She and her team created the world's largest panda cell bank and sperm bank; they optimized the panda breeding technology system and created new technology for timely mating of pandas; they developed the "high-bamboo low-concentrate" feeding diet for pandas, thus solving the "malnutrition syndrome" that threatened panda health. Their scientific achievements have been applied to protect other rare wildlife such as the red panda and the Chinese monal. They have thereby made their contribution to the protection of rare wildlife such as pandas and the country's ecological civilization project.


Our female officials and employees will follow Hou Rong’s footsteps, play the backbone role of working class, work creatively and diligently. They will equally strive to be contributive and excellent,  step up female presence in the mission of protecting pandas. 



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