The Panda International Art Center at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding has launched an exhibition of compiled works with the theme “Fighting the Epidemic”


On May 18, under the guidance of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Health Commission of Sichuan Province, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, along with the Nuclear Industry 416 Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital Of Chengdu Medical College, the Chengdu branch of ICBC, the Chengdu Public Transport Group, iPanda the panda channel of, PANDAPIA the homeland of giant pandas around the world, the Giant Panda Innovation and Creative Industry Alliance in Sichuan Province, and other units, organizations and enterprises, launched the event "Our appointment - an excellent exhibition of the collection of giant panda artworks with the theme of fighting the epidemic" online and offline.

Individuals from 13 countries and regions responded to the invitation and submitted their works, which depict a broad range of images under the epidemic

“There is a high level of enthusiasm for involvement. On the second day following the invitation, the host received more than 10 submitted works.” A curator at the Panda International Art Center remarked: “During the one-month solicitation period, the host received more than 220 artworks from 13 countries and regions, including China, Canada, the United Kingdom, Turkey, South Korea, Malaysia, Romania, Indonesia and Vietnam. These masterpieces embody embroidery, oil painting, photography, cartoon pictures, installation art among other art forms. Similar to the theme of “diversity and inclusion” for this year's International Museum Day, the purpose of our exhibition is to tell people fighting the epidemic: no isolated island exists in the long course of human development.”

Zhang Mingxian from Vietnam was the first foreigner to submit a work of art. The package she mailed to the organizer along with her work entitled “Pay Attention to Hygiene” included a neatly written letter in Chinese that she wrote by herself. The letter bears the following words: “Since the novel coronavirus outbreak, I have been feeling uneasy and even terrified. I immediately asked some Chinese friends to tell me about the pandas. With the company of pandas, I get a feeling of peace and security in the vast sea of life.”

Amanda from Indonesia created an artwork called “Happiness”, which depicts a giant panda family sitting together and eating bamboo. The introduction of his work has the following words: “During the epidemic, my parents' shop had no customers, so we ate stored food, and yet the family was very happy to be together.”

Moreover, there are some serious works bearing philosophical undertones. JenniferWillcok, from the UK, drew a giant panda crawling with its mouth twitched. The title of the work is “A Little Lonely”: “social isolation makes me lonely, lonely, lonely, but it also seems to inspire my art”.

The Sichuan medical team sent to assist Hubei was specially invited to participate in the event. “The main idea of our works is to relax.” they said.

As the coronavirus situation in Hubei continued to improve, the last group of white-clad soldiers of the medical team from Sichuan to Hubei took off their heavy protective clothing and triumphantly returned to Sichuan on April 7, 2020. Afterwards they began a 14-day recuperation in isolation. In order to alleviate the boredom during their recuperation, the Base invited them to participate in this activity. The exhibition received a total of 7 pieces of art from members of the medical team and their relatives and friends.

Ma Huan, a nurse from the Department of Cardiology at the Nuclear Industry 416 Hospital and a member of the medical team from Sichuan to Hubei, drew a panda asleep on a wooden support. When asked about her creative ideas, she laughed and said: "actually, I don't think so much. I just want to relax. I have been on edge for a while, and the pandas sleep well. I really envy them.”

The online and offline exhibitions have been carried out simultaneously, and the offline exhibitions have covered almost the entire city of Chengdu.

Concerning the exhibition channel, the host said that the exhibition would be held both online and offline.

The main exhibition venue is located in the Panda International Art Center at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. The exhibition is organized using the circular-screen projection technology throughout the exhibition hall, accompanied by the melodious light music, which offer an immersive experience to the visitors. In addition, some of the works were selected and exhibited offline on the newly emerging web celebrity bus – the retro Chengdu “clanker car”, as well as the large screens of all ICBC branches in Chengdu.

The main online exhibition platform is WeChat applet “Panda International Art Center at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding”. Furthermore, the vast audience can also access the WeChat official platforms of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, iPanda the panda channel of, PANDAPIA the homeland of giant pandas around the world and other event organizers to view the exhibition online.



Figure: Ma Huan, a physician at the Nuclear Industry 416 Hospital

Figure: Bright future with pandas, Korea-Seungkyung Kwon

Figure: Hope-Malaysia-Lucy Liew

Figure: Panda through the looking Glass- Turkey- İrem Akkuşz

Figure: Solitude-England-JenniferWillcock

Figure: We can do it together-Romania-Alexandra Serbanescu

Figure: When the world hits the pause button-China-Yang Ke

Figure: Artwork by artist Liu Xiaoping

Figure: Zhang Mingxian-Vietnam-Pay Attention to Hygiene

Figure: Artwork by artist Xie Ganghua

Figure: Panda Yin and Yang-Canada-Vicky Kuan

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