Jin Bao Climbing Trees


 On this day, giant panda Jin Bao is showing us its superb tree-climbing skills.


Jin Bao: So much time to kill. Let me see what I can do to pass the time? Bingo! Climbing trees.


Let's do it right now. Jin Bao is looking for a suitable tree.


Jin Bao: That's it!


Jin Bao: Give me leverage and I can climb the world. Yuan Yuan's bamboo sieve lends me a hand.



Hug the trunk and push upward against the tree


Successfully climb to the top


Time to space out and recover its strength


After successfully reaching the top, Jin Bao begins to play freely.


Sing a song


After clearing its throat, Jin Bao begins to do physical exercises.




From doing twists to hanging upside down, Jin Bao moves smoothly and completes its movement in one go


Now, what is Jin Bao like after getting down from the tree?


Low battery......


Giant pandas start to learn how to climb trees at around four to six months. Almost every giant panda is a master of tree climbing. For the solitary giant pandas, each tree is a companion. If you want to catch a glimpse of these tree-climbing masters, just come and check them out!



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