Qi Yi Relishes Bamboo Shoots


 Giant panda Qi Yi is famous for the pinch of hair shaped like a WiFi signal symbol on its head. You can identify Qi Yi as soon as you find its signature pinch of hair among the giant pandas. Qiyi, who loves bunny jumps, has become a real web celebrity giant panda for a video of it constantly hugging the keeper's leg. It has endless nicknames: Qi Xiao Fang, Qi Tu Tu, Xiong Haofang among others.




 Qi Yi: Have you found the “WiFi signal” on top of my head?


So, what does the lively and charming Qi Yi look like when it savors bamboo shoots? Let's find out!


Endlessly searching for the bamboo shoot in the pile


Although there are endless bamboo shoots, I derive a unique joy in every bite


Qi Yi: I have a bamboo shoot to soothe the fatigue from the journey


Qi Yi: Try smelling a bamboo shoot


Qi Yi (left): Fu Shun, get up for lunch! Fu Shun (right): Don't worry, I can eat lying on my belly!


After eating the bamboo shoots, Qi Yi leaves quietly


After observing Qi Yi eating bamboo shoots, do you also like its white hair and short legs? The shortest answer is doing, so come and visit the giant panda at the Panda Base!

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