Nifty Cheng Feng


 Cheng Feng is the elder sister of Cheng Lang, a superlight giant panda cub. Her birth weight is 171.9 grams, which is within the normal range. Although she was not as popular as her kid sister in her childhood days, Cheng Feng has her own unique charm. Every day, she sometimes admires flowers and plays with leaves, and other times climbs trees for fun, revealing her nifty and lovely self. Occasionally, even if she just quietly stays in one spot, she can hardly conceal her elegant demeanor.


Every panda enjoys bamboo shoots. Cheng Feng is so fond of sweet bamboo shoots; she cannot help but stop to have some.



Cheng Feng: It tastes delicious!

When it concerns climbing trees, Cheng Feng, as a girl also shows that “females are as excellent as their male peers.”


Cheng Feng: Do you feel my lovely temperament? ?


Cheng Feng: Climb high and gaze far.


Sometimes, in order to conserve stamina, Cheng Feng will stay in one position for a long time on the tree.


The landscape here is beyond compare!


When it is hot, Cheng Feng plays in the pool, letting the cool water carry away the unpleasant heat.


Cheng Feng: How nice and cool it is!


After a bath, it closes its eyes and takes a brief rest


We believe that with the passage of time, Cheng Feng will progressively become more nifty and lovely. We all wish her a successful and happy life while growing up!

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