Little Partners with a Tacit Understanding


 Giant pandas Run Yue and Ai Jiu were born on June 5, 2020. The most notable feature about Run Yue is its relatively yellow fur. Ai Jiu, born weighing 219 grams, is a plump girl. Perhaps because they share the same birthday, they have an unusually tacit understanding with each other.

Run Yue
Ai Jiu
This day, the little partners, Run Yue and Ai Jiu, spent time together on a perch, with their close relationship on full display.
After Ai Jiu reached the perch first, it did not forget to cheer its good friend to the top.
Ai Jiu: Run Yue, come on!
(Ai Jiu is above, while Run Yue is below)
Run Yue: Ai Jiu, have fun on that tree. I’ve got your back!
(Run Yue is on the left, and Ai Jiu is on the right)
Ai Jiu and Run Yue poked their heads out in unison whenever something stirs.
(Run Yue is on the left, and Ai Jiu is on the right)
When Ai Jiu needs to take a break, Run Yue will become its “heart-warming” little pillow.
Run Yue: Ai Jiu, you are my rock!
Ai Jiu: Run Yue, thank you! I can take a nap in peace!
(Run Yue is in the front, and Ai Jiu is in the back)
This moment of silence makes the two good friends closer together
(Run Yue is on the left, and Ai Jiu is on the right)
Time flies. We hope to see the friendship between Ai Jiu & Run Yue Group grow even stronger throughout the years.

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