Know about Ai Jiu


One day in June 2020, a plump girl weighing 219 grams came into this beautiful world. It was the giant panda Ai Jiu. As the giant panda cub with the heaviest birth weight since the Panda Base began keeping records, Ai Jiu successfully ranked among the top four in the Moonlight Nursery House (the top four in the Moonlight Nursery House refer to the giant pandas Run Yue, Ai Jiu, He Hua, and He Ye. ) Now, come with me while we learn more about this plump creature from different angles!
Angle 1: The side.
Ai Jiu looks delicate from the side. Its eyes are so bright and lively that it looks lady-like and graceful.
Angle 2: The front.
From the front, Ai Jiu’s black and white fur catches the eye rather well, and its slightly curved dark circles look quite interesting.
Angle 3: The back.
Ai Jiu’s shoulder strap can only be observed carefully from the back, which is relatively straight and doesn’t break in the middle.
Angle 4: Concentration
When enjoying milk, Ai Jiu is fairly well-behaved, quiet, and in deep concentration. Its ears prick up to be on alert right now, so don’t speak loudly and disturb it when it’s drinking milk.
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