The Flavor of Plants


 Wang Zengqi wrote in his work Plants in the World that “You must love something, just like the love of plants for time”. The future can only be foreseeable with love. It is well known that giant pandas love eating bamboo, climbing trees, and sleeping. As for the giant panda He Ye, born on July 2020, loves tasting plants and trees, even though it has not yet reached the proper age to eat bamboo.

After the rain stopped, He Ye came out for food.
He Ye: In fact, I am a little gourmet!
What do the plants taste like? Curious, He Ye kept trying them in the surrounding environment, and came to its own conclusions.
Taking a bite of the verdant branches
He Ye: I have strong teeth, so I can easily chew up these twigs!
He Ye: Branches and leaves may be more delicious if eaten together!
Sometimes, for the new plants, He Ye has to overcome many difficulties until it achieves its desire.
Locking onto the target
Overcoming the obstacle
Nibbling on a small tree stump as it pleases
Sometimes, the precocious He Ye tastes the plants from different angles.
Laying down and nibbling on a small tree stump
Sitting and nibbling
Changing its position and continuing to nibble
Plants bear an enduring and delicate flavor. He Ye also takes its time to grow up while savoring them. Perhaps, the taste of plants is also full of the joy of growth!

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