Interactive Science Lecture- “Long Men Zhen” (Chat about Panda)


During the National Science Popularization Day 2021, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (hereinafter referred to as “the Base”) conducted such interactive science lecture as “Chat about Panda” for visitors at several points across the park.
The lecture took the topic of giant pandas, which is of public interest, as the starting point, with rich contents. The instructor shared the physiological habits, behavioral characteristics, status quo of conservation, and other scientific knowledge of giant pandas by conducting real-time, live-action interactive lectures. In an enthusiastic vibe at the activity site, visitors listened carefully and proactively raised questions, which were patiently answered by the instructor. The visitors reflected that they had gained a lot and promised to practice environmental protection in their daily lives and contribute to biodiversity conservation.
The “Chat about Panda” is, among the variegated science activities, of special branding favored by the base. The activity combines nature interpretation with the theme of giant pandas, with full-time science instructors and volunteers serving as commentators to provide real-time, live-action interactive explanation with varied themes at multiple points throughout the base, enriching visitors’ park experience while allowing the public to intuitively and conveniently acquire the scientific information on animal conservation represented by giant pandas and red pandas, so that the public can correctly understand the current state of conservation of endangered animals and how to appreciate nature, understand nature, and love nature.



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