Our representative attends the Young Pioneers Representative Conference to show concern for the growth of “Red Scarves”


Recently, the 8th Communist Young Pioneers Representative Conference was held in Chengdu. Liu Fei, a docent of popular science about pandas from the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, attended the conference as an extracurricular counsellor for the Young Pioneers.
At the conference, it was highlighted how children are the key to the future of our party as well as our nation. Thus, training children to reach their potential is our never-ending task that matters the most. The “red scarves” have witnessed the fulfillment of our First Centenary Goal and now are the leading forces for achieving the Second Centenary Goal to build a great contemporary socialist country. As successors for advancing socialism and communism, they are shouldering a glorious but burdensome responsibility. Hence, local Young Pioneers troupes must stay on our political track and follow the lead of our party when conducting relevant projects. Our primary duties must be kept in mind. In addition, further steps must be taken to continue nurturing our children, promoting reform and innovation, and beginning a new chapter in the advancement of Young Pioneers in Chengdu.
During group discussions, Ms. Liu said in her conference speech that even more efforts will be utilized to design temporary integrated courses that seamlessly cater to the needs in their education, in addition to existing ones shedding light on the research into pandas and environmental protection to foster a sense of responsibility among Red Scarves with international outlooks and environmental consciousness.


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