Lively Fu Duo Duo


According to The Lament for Withered Trees, Huan Wen, an ancient general, seeing the willow trees he had planted, bemoans time as it passes by and how unpredictable life can be, stating “Willow trees I had once planted now are withering and falling and stand miserable by the lake. Gone are those days when the lush branches swayed with the breeze. How time flies! Even trees cannot escape it, not to mention humans.” Undoubtedly, aging becomes more striking with each passing day, which would sadden us. However, the joy from fresh life can cast the gloom away, just as the birth of Fu Duo Duo had brought endless happiness and hope to this summer.
Fu Duo Duo, Qi Fu’s baby girl, was born in July of 2021 and weighed 187.6g at birth. She is such a lovely and energetic little cub. Let’s see if we can get our fill of this adorable cub.

Full of life
After waking up, she is desperate to display her passion for life by rolling over on her own, looking around, and waving her paws while she stretches. You no doubt can tell that basically looks like a fully matured panda, which is because the melanin in their hair follicles will accumulate over the first two weeks after being born. That’s when cubs begin having the black fur around their eyes and on their ears, pectoral girdles, and legs.

Beginning to explore the vast world beyond
We wish the best to the lively cub, and hope she grows up healthy and safe, so that she can be much livelier.

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