Full-face View of He Hua


He Hua is quite distinctive because of her unique charm. Her black eye patches, which are wide at the top and narrow as they creep down, resemble mirror images of the comma. Her protruding mouth makes people think that she smiles all the time. Her round head always leaves a lasting impression on visitors. Suffice it to say, just glimpsing her appearance is magnetic enough. Seeing is believing. Let’s enjoy her unique beauty through some pictures of her face. 
Her captivating appearance is the best when offset by green leaves. When her face is partially hidden by several small emerald leaves, her fleeting beauty would unconsciously captivate you.

Indistinctly beautiful
 As a curious cub, she can’t stop looking around even when she is nibbling on a small branch.

An observant He Hua 
 When He Hua is quiet, and if you observe her more closely, you will discover that she is “dynamically quiet” because her face is suggestively full of playfulness and agility.

Playful He Hua
All words but chubby and furry fail to describe He Hua when she is playing on a stone near a pond. Will her clumsy movements disturb the tranquil atmosphere?

Adorable He Hua
Having seen her in her totality, maybe you have already become endeared to this furry baby. 

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