Reganmian in Spring


 When the spring grass turned the banks of the Yellow River green, the great poet Li Bai’s thoughts were relentless day and night. In his poem “Sending Far (Part 6)”, he can only “ ‘send’ a little tear from afar to a person as beautiful as a flower apart”. In the warm and soft spring, do you also miss your distant relatives? Do you still remember a giant panda named “Reganmian” (nicknamed “Ping Ping”) in the Base?

Being extraordinarily handsome and incredibly clever represents probably another natural beauty emanating from Reganmian in spring.

His handsome face behind bamboo leaves shaped like a fan


Sipping on the refreshing pool water


Resting on the rocks


Lying in the hammock while appreciating his snacks


Eating bamboo at ease


Spring sleepiness


He was born in March, and the spring breeze of that year must have blown green over the sprouting grass, blowing away the colorful fallen leaves, wrinkling the blue waves of Swan Lake, and waking up the roses in the Rose Garden.

When “O’er the blue water, birds appear snow-white; On verdant mountains, flowers seem ablaze” and when “The soft and drowsy breeze enchants the wandering throng,” will you come with several friends to the panda base to visit Reganmian in spring?


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